The existing Top Sports Centre has proved to be a major succes. The growing stream of visitors to the sports halls will soon lead to problems. The centre was therefore extended with a hall for both professional sports and recreational sports.

The top sports hall is tailored for professional basketball and volleyball and will contain a stand for a thousand visitors. Students of the sports course at the Albeda College will mostly use the hall for recreational sports. Other rooms can be used for dance courses, fitness and for theory classes. The building will also house sports related organisations such as Rotterdam Topsport, Sportsupport and a physiotherapist.

Because the available space is very limited, the functions are stacked on top of each other. This creates a massive volume which differs strongly from the low 'box' of the existing complex. The two are connected with a glass vestibule which also contains the elevators.

Sport halls must not be lighted by daylight. This is why the hall appears quite closed. It was designed as a black box whose upper part (where the sports halls are situated) is covered with lamellas. LED lights are attached to the lamellas of the eastern and southern façades. Films, live broadcasts of sports events, schedules or advertisements or even art works can be shown there.

Nomination: Rotterdam Architecture award 2011, Leisure & Sports Totaal Award, 2009

Client: City of Rotterdam
Project: 0362

Foto's: Luuk Kramer