ZJA at the university

On March 20, Anurag Bhattacharya, senior architect and project coordinator at ZJA, will give a lunch lecture about new digital design techniques for students at the TU Eindhoven. That same day, Amy Sterrenberg, computational designer at ZJA, will give a guest lecture at the TU Delft about her doctoral thesis on "Deep Generative Design." On March 26, a delegation from ZJA will travel to Delft to represent the studio at the BAU business fair.

New digital design techniques

Anurag Bhattacharya says, “Growing in your career means lifelong learning. In every profession you need to stay on top of the latest developments, through your university or in some other way. ZJA has its own R&D department, so I can combine my interests in research and in practice. Such as how we can use BIM and VR not just for visualizations to show our clients but as actual development tools.”

Designing with AI

On 20 March Amy Sterrenberg gives a talk at the TU Delft on her thesis “Deep Generative Design: A Deep Learning Framework for Optimized Spatial Truss Structures with Stock Constraints.” The future seems to belong to AI, but are computers already capable of designing independently?

BAU Business Fair TU Delft

On 26 March ZJA comes to the TU Delft again, with a stand at the BAU Business Fair. Students will have easy access to all kinds of businesses, to get to know them. “We’d like to show you more about our projects, how we make them a reality, our areas of expertise and who we are. Will we see you there?”