A centre for the creative industries in Amsterdam with international appeal and at the same time a unique addition to the city’s public space. With the unveiling of the terrace and the artwork ‘Peel Plaza’ by Gabriel Lester on 26 August, Capital C Amsterdam is fully prepared for the future. It was a festive evening for all concerned, with a range of creative activities.

Prizewinning design

The former Diamond Exchange close to the Weesperplein has for the past few years been visible again as the architectural jewel it once was, along with the scars and traces left by the past sixty years. The design by architectural studio ZJA in collaboration with Heyligers Architects for the renovation has been awarded with several prizes. It restores the vision and beauty of the original design from 1910 by Gerrit van Arkel, while adding a cellar. Furthermore, ZJA crowned the historical building with an iconic glass dome which has been designed with parametric methods.

Extraordinary quest

Advanced geometry, the expertise and skills of traditional crafts, and the ingenuity needed to create space for a modern office environment within a historical building: in Capital C the extremes of the design profession come together. On 26 August architect Rein Jansma gave a talk about the design. ‘It was an extraordinary quest. At ZJA it’s not so much about hi-tech as about appropriate tech, about thoroughly analysing and understanding the situation and the task and then deploying the most appropriate technology. The Diamond Exchange Capital C was a great project to work on, with inspired clients and experts. We are extremely proud of the result.’