ZJA has transformed a typical skybox in the Amsterdam Arena into a habitable sculpture. Visitors to the box are enveloped in a surreal and sensuous interior, which borders on architecture and art.                                            

A sense of luxury has been created using an incredibly inexpensive material, cardboard. Nuances in the cardboard’s rich texture caused by a moiré pattern give the walls an appearance of liquidity.

The interior is a balance of contrasts between hard and soft, smooth and rough, reflective and matte, curved and straight, black and white.

Over 6000 sheets of 6mm thick corrugated cardboard have been crafted by both man and machine, being individually laser cut and painstakingly glued by hand. In-house fabrication proved to be the most engaging aspect of the project, allowing for a highly optimised design integrating all practical requirements.

The Timeless Box is an initiative of Hans van Veggel and Timeless Investments, the van Veggel family office.

project: 0510