In expectation of a growth in passenger numbers and travel frequency, ProRail is working together with the municipality of Amsterdam, the NS, engineering firms Arcadis and Movares, and team ZJA (architectural studio ZJA, Braaksma & Roos Architectenbureau, IGG) to modernize Amsterdam Central Station. This major project, part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport Programme (PHS), will be underway until 2030. The preparatory work in and around the station is now in full swing and a permit was recently granted for alterations to this historic building.

More space, more unity

Space will be created in the station by, among other things, introducing additional access points to the platforms and widening the East Tunnel and the existing platforms. Creating more visual unity in the interior will help to make the travelling experience less confusing and more pleasant. Where possible we will restore the beauty of the building, which is listed for preservation.

Precision work

The station will remain in use while modernization takes place. This necessitates precision work. Large and small interventions will follow one another step by step, so that the station will soon be ready for its future. Would you like to know more? Watch a recent animation by ProRail about the renovation of Amsterdam Central Station here and read more about ZJA's design here.