Visit building sites on 18 June

From our projects on the Zuidas in Amsterdam to the N206 Tjalmaweg from Katwijk to Leiden and the Blankenburg connection near Rotterdam: on Construction Day – Saturday 18 June – these and many other building sites all over the Netherlands will be accessible to the public for one day.

Travel into the future with the architects of Zuidasdok

Take a unique look behind the scenes at the huge building projects at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, including Zuidasdok. Architects will be on hand to tell you about the design for the rebuilding of Station Zuid, the widening of the A10 highway, the redevelopment of the surrounding urban area and the creation of a major road tunnel, according to plans drawn up by architectural studio ZJA, Team V Architectuur and BoschSlabbers landscape architects. During Construction Day the architects will explain all about the design for Zuidasdok. They will tell you how the station is going to function over the next few years and, for example, show images of the future Brittenpassage and Minervapassage.

Take a look at the building of the Blankenburg connection

In 2024 the Blankenburg connection will connect the A20 at Vlaardingen with the A15 at Rozenburg. The road will be hidden in a deepened cutting, then enter an overground tunnel across the Aalkeetpolder and an underground tunnel beneath Het Scheur. ZJA is responsible for the architectural design of the infrastructure and of the service buildings at the Blankenburg intersection. On Construction Day visitors at Vlaardingen and Rozenburg can observe the building of the Maasdelta tunnel, which will pass under Het Scheur.

Go down to see the excavation work for the N206 Tjalmaweg Katwijk-Leiden

As part of the Rijnland route, the N206 Tjalmaweg between Valkenburg and Katwijk is being rebuilt and widened. The design is by ZJA and Bosch Slabbers landscape architects. On Construction Day visitors can go down to see the excavation work for the road’s new level and take a close look at the sites of the future fly-over junction at Valkenburg-Oost, the pumping station and the new Torenvliet Bridge.

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