Architecture tours Zuidasdok

Are you also curious about what it will look like in and around Amsterdam Zuid Station? On 20 and 27 July and on 2 and 10 August, the architects of Zuidasdok – Architectural Studio ZJA, Team V Architecture and BoschSlabbers Landscape Architects – will once again provide a number of guided tours. Come and learn more about the story behind the design, and see the visions of the future become reality on site.

Station Amsterdam Zuid and the A10

Bas Symons, project-architect at ZJA: "Together we are working on a complex task. The complete renovation and expansion of the existing station, sandwiched between the highway and Zuidas. The widening and tunneling of parts of the A10 South and the integration of a large number of new functions in the already busy area. With greenery as the basis of our design, Zuidasdok will not only contribute to improved traffic flow, but will also make an essential contribution to a vital and liveable city."


Efficient traffic hub and new space for the city

Amsterdam Zuid station will become both an efficient and comfortable transport hub and the bustling center of the district. With the green history of the area as inspiration for the design, 120,000 square meters of public space will be added to the city. Without cars and with an inviting, stepped green square landscape where it is pleasant to shop, stroll and stay. The now separated neighborhoods will be connected again and the area will become part of the green corridor between the green wedges at the Nieuwe Meer and around the bend in the Amstel, from Zorgvlied to Beatrixpark.

Architecture tours from the ‘Zomer Keet’

This summer, we will continue to work hard on the renovation of Amsterdam Zuid station. Between 4 and 14 August, two roof sections of the new Brittenpassage will be moved into place and the A10 towards A1 Hengelo and A2 Utrecht will be closed for 8 days. From 20 July to 11 August, the Zuidas Zomer Keet (Summer Shack) will be located on Gustav Mahlerplein. Here you can learn all about the summer work at Amsterdam Zuid station, and take part in workshops, tuk-tuk rides and guided tours, including architecture tours that look into the future of the massive project.

"The architecture of Zuidasdok"

Thursday 20 July: Bas Symons (ZJA) and Frank Bouwman (Team V)
Thursday 27 July: Bas Symons (ZJA) and Jeroen van Schooten (Team V)
Wednesday 2 August: Wijnand Bouw (BoschSlabbers Landscape Architects)
Thursday 10 August: Reinald Top (ZJA)

All tours are from 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and start and end at the Zomer Keet on the Gustav Mahlerplein.You can register via the Zuidasdok website. An article was recently published about the architectural vision behind the project.

Zuidasdok is a collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat, ProRail and the municipality of Amsterdam.



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