Internettunnel, Leidschenveen


Tunnel with LED's and 'zipper'

East of the A4, near Leidschendam, the Vinex-location Leidschenveen is being developed. To achieve a good connection between these two urban areas, a broad tunnel for all traffic has been made underneath the freeway.

The design of the walls has been made in co-operation with the visual artist Hans Muller. A number of interactive electronic objects have been integrated into the walls. The northern wall of the tunnel consists of a illuminated news trailer and 167 LED-blocks, set in stainless steel panels.

An internet site has been connected to the light journal (LED display) and the LED-blocks. Via the site one can project text on the illuminated news trailer and even block words for the duration of two months. The light patterns of the LED-blocks can also be influenced via the internet. This is done by means of the camera that has been installed in the southern wall. The camera shows the situation of the LED-blocks on the internet. The southern wall consists of stainless steel panels, which are shinier than those of the northern wall. As a result, the northern wall is reflected by the southern wall.

Uplights have been attached to the stainless steel masts. They give an indirect basic illumination via the ceiling. Because of the asymmetrical placing, the cycle and pedestrian part is lighter than the road. The illuminated news trailer and LED blocks are located on the darker side.

Artist: Hans Muller

Honourable mention Design Award Rotterdam 1999



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