Guided tour of Zuidasdok by ZJA and Team V


Travel into the future on 28 July with the architects of Zuidasdok. Reinald Top, architect and partner at architectural studio ZJA, and Jeroen van Schooten, architect and director of Team V Architectuur, will guide members of the public and explain their design for the revamping of the Amsterdam Zuid railway station, the widening of the A10 Zuid highway, the creation of a major road tunnel and the redevelopment of the surrounding urban area.

Zuidas Summer Shack

The guided tour starts at the Zuidas Summer Shack, a temporary information centre on the Gustav Mahlerplein in Amsterdam. From 12 July to 4 August all kinds of experiences will be on offer there, from special guided tours to unique activities, as well as more information about the planned work.

The future of Amsterdam Zuid railway station

Amsterdam Zuid is becoming one of the country’s busiest railway stations. The expansion of the existing station between the highway and the Zuidas is a complex task. As well as the building of a tunnel to take the highway, a huge number of new functions need to be fitted into the already busy Zuidas. The new Amsterdam Zuid station will be an efficient and comfortable transport intersection, but beyond that it will also become the vibrant centre of this part of town, with green surroundings in the form of a public square, where it’s pleasant to shop, stroll and stay. The design for the tunnel, the new station and the surrounding urban area is by ZJA, Team V Architectuur and BoschSlabbers Landscape Architects.

Register for the guided architecture tour

Go to the Zuidas website for more information about the Zuidas Summer Shack and to register for the guided architecture tour on 28 July. The tour is from 2pm to 3pm. It is free but you will need to register.




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