Virtual walk reveals future Amsterdam Zuid station

Step into the future of Amsterdam Zuid railway station and experience what it will be like in a unique virtual walk. The Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre offers a fascinating virtual experience that gives you a foretaste of the complete rebuilding and expansion of the current station. For the first time, the future Amsterdam Zuid station is tangible and accessible to the public. The station is part of the Zuidasdok project, designed by architectural studios ZJA, Team V Architecture and BoschSlabbers Landscape Architects.

A voyage of discovery through the rejuvenated Amsterdam Zuid station

In an interactive environment, visitors can explore the new Brittenpassage, step onto the train and metro platforms, and discover the bus and tram station. The virtual walk presents a lively picture of how the future Amsterdam Zuid station will look. A unique chance to experience the refurbished station for yourself.

Reinald Top, architect-partner at ZJA: "Amsterdam Zuid station, the vibrant heart of the Zuidas, is undergoing an impressive transformation as part of the Zuidasdok development. It’s becoming not just an efficient traffic hub but a green and lively city square. Slim awnings, broad passageways and a restful colour scheme create a pleasant atmosphere. Surrounded by a green environment like that of a city square, the station is becoming a place where people like to shop, stroll and linger. The design provides a unique combination of history and innovation, with space for relaxation and peace in the middle of busy streams of traffic."


Large-scale Zuidasdok project

The large-scale Zuidasdok project is one of the biggest infrastructure developments in the Netherlands. Along with the rejuvenation of Amsterdam Zuid station, the ambitious project includes the widening of the A10 Zuid motorway and the tunnelling of the road through the heart of the Zuidas. 

As well as the station, the De Nieuwe Meer and Amstel intersections will be tackled to improve traffic flow and road safety. Amsterdam Zuid railway station will grow to become a bustling hub, surrounded by green squares and pleasant places to be.

Discover the future of Amsterdam Zuid station

The Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre offers more than just the virtual walk. Visitors can also look at the huge Zuidas maquette and enjoy animations that illuminate various aspects of the Zuidas and the Zuidasdok project. Visit the Zuidas-Zuidasdok Information Centre and experience the future of Amsterdam Zuid station.

More information about the virtual walk and the Zuidasdok project can be found at Zuidas Information Centre.



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