Start of preparations for building of sports complex Stadspark Turnhout

With the application for a building permit and the start of preparatory demolition work, the building of the sports complex in the Stadspark in Turnhout has now officially begun. Architectural studios ZJA and Archiles, in collaboration with landscape architect Studio Thomas Willemse, have joined forces to design a unique sports complex that fits seamlessly into Turnhout’s green Stadspark. It will be a multifaceted building that prioritizes sustainability and circularity.

A unique sports complex in the Stadspark in Turnhout

The sports complex is characterized by curved walls that follow the natural lines of the paths and warmly welcome visitors. Bas Symons, project architect at ZJA, says, ‘This new sports complex, centrally located in the Stadspark, coalesces harmoniously with the natural environment of the park. The rounded wooden outer walls reinforce the play of flowing lines in the park, while the glass climbing hall towers above the first floor and forms a striking orientation point – in the evenings especially, because of the light it will emit.’

Sustainability and circularity in the sports complex

Sustainability is a central aspect of the design. The complex is compact, well insulated, equipped with solar panels on the roof and connected to the heating network. Wood is a prominent feature, not just as cladding on the outer walls but in the superstructure, part of the roof and the laminated joists of the sports halls.

Sustainability is not merely part of the building’s external appearance, it is fully integrated into every aspect of the design, which includes an energy-saving lighting plan, efficient insulation and the reuse of rainwater. It contributes to responsible water management, with water storage and a connection to the water system of the park. Special attention has been paid to preserving the valuable trees at the site.

Opening planned for the summer of 2026

The sports complex will open its doors in the summer of 2026, becoming an important asset to the town of Turnhout. Its appeal will not be confined to lovers of sports, since it will make an enduring impression with its sustainable character and architectonic charm.





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