Oosterheem Line, Zoetermeer


Stations and underpasses for the RandstadRail

The Oosterheemlijn through Zoetermeer is part of the RandstadRail, a new network of lightrail connections between Rotterdam and The Hague. The architects ZJA designed several parts of the project: Beatrixkwartier Station in The Hague and the Oosterheemlijn in Zoetermeer.

Zoetermeer is an expanding neighbourhood in the polders between The Hague and Rotterdam that has grown to be a regular town. The Oosterheemlijn runs through the Seghwaert neighbourhood and through the newly developped residential area Oosterheem. It crosses several different (urban) landscapes such as drained polders and areas that have always been dry. They all have their own characteristic features which is the reason why five different landscape sections have been distinguished for our design.

We wanted the Oosterheem line to move quietly and discreetly through both city and countryside. Therefore a clear, well-defined and slender design has been developed. The Oosterheemlijn becomes a recognisable and autonomous part of the landscape that responds to the territory and to the surrounding structures.

This overall vision of the metro line guarantees the technical and visual quality: one recognisable design of the constructional works, underpasses and stations, with a unity regarding material and technique. For every section different ways of embedding have been developped, based on three different zones: a technical zone (design and technique of the lightrail itself), a transition zone (possible shielding of the rail-area) and a surrounding area zone (embedment and connection of the rail with the surrounding area). One special detail are the remarkably large underpasses with the curved retaining walls and the black-and-white tiling forming an anti-graffiti pattern.

Client: City of Zoetermeer



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