Spartacus, Flanders

De Lijn connects Hasselt with Maastricht

Hasselt and Maastricht are to be connected by a new express tram , the so-called spartacus plan.

The architects ZJA made the design for the tramstops and structural works in the Belgian part between Hasselt and the border town of Lanaken.

High quality and a strong identity are two important starting points. The picture quality has to be flexible and strong in order to fit into urban, suburban as well as rural areas. Cleverly designed materials such as granite, aluminum and glass are durable and create a transparent, flexible and clean appearance. Other crucial points in the design are good accessibility for all user groups, high comfort, social security, resistant and sustainability.

Project: 490

Principal: De Lijn
Client: Sweco, Rail Infra Solutions en Deutsche Bahn
Architect: ZJA
Urban planner: uapS
Landscape architect: Bureau Bas Smets



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